Welcome Back

Welcome back message from the Director

Welcome Back

Hello Friends and welcome back!  It is good to see so many familiar faces backin our building enjoying the many activities and lunches that we are backoffering.

I want to thank all of you for your patience and understandingfor what has been a challenging time since we paused our programming in Marchof 2020.

Please remember that it has taken a lot of hard work to getus back to being able to open your center. We have made a few changes along theway. Our front entrance and lobby has been renovated and our landscape is inthe process of getting a makeover as well. Soon you will all be able to enjoyour outdoor area and even have your lunch out on the terrace.

We have also gone thru a rebranding and our name haschanged!   We are now known as “TheEstuary” Our logo has changed as well to better reflect who we are and I hopeyou have all had a chance to see it!


My friends it is important that we continue to keep a safeenvironment here so that we may stay open and bring you the best in seniorservices on the shoreline.

That means we need to continue to wear masks while in thebuilding. I know it is not ideal, but we are just not willing to risk our vitalnutrition program being shut down.  If wehave to shut down for any period of time, that would mean 300 people a daywould not receive a meal. Therefore, you can see how important it is to wearyour mask inside the building.

Welcome back again my friends!  It is great to see you all!


Stay Safe