Volunteer Appreciation

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and we could not be more grateful for our volunteer superheoes who selflessly give their time each week to make our community a better place.

Volunteer Appreciation

Our Estuary volunteers show up at our various sites everyday, smiling and ready to take on any task at hand from packing and delivering Meals on Wheels, staffing The Thrift Shop, supporting on-site activities and events, and so much more! Frankly, there is not a single Estuary service that could exist without our volunteer superheroes, with their endless selflessness and willingness to give so much of their time, which is truly priceless.


Did you know that, year after year, more than 200 volunteers are a vital part of The Estuary team and their impact on the community is unparalleled. We are thankful every day for each and every volunteer, and each and every hour they graciously spend helping to provide nutrition, socialization, and well-being services for seniors in our community.


My favorite part of working with so many wonderful volunteers over the years is watching the new and long-lasting friendships that can form over time when volunteers work together. What starts out as an acquaintance when they start to learn a little about each other becomes so much more for many of our volunteers.


Each volunteer experience is an opportunity to also share stories with others about backgrounds, jobs, family history and dynamics, hobbies, and much more. Each week, when volunteers see each other, more information may be shared and plans may soon made to have lunch, share a glass of wine, or go to an event together. Before you know it, vacation photos are shared, check-ins happen, and special events are celebrated. When a volunteer becomes ill, get well cards are sent by other volunteers, offers of food and transportation are made - The Estuary volunteers are truly a family of volunteers who look out for each other.


Maybe the real definition of an Estuary volunteer is the new connections and support system created simply because someone decided to generously offer their time to The Estuary. For many people who come to The Estuary to volunteer, participate in a group or class, or enjoy lunch, true friendships are made along the way.