Appeal Under Way

We are over halfway to our goal! Can you help us get the rest of the way?

Appeal Under Way

Our annual spring appeal is now under way and we are over halfway to our goal! Can your gift help push us the rest of the way there?

Almost 90,000 meals were served last year...and that’s because of the caring and generosity of people in the community who saw a need and donated! That money provided the support necessary to ensure that every request for a meal was answered immediately. Despite a large and quick rise in the requests for Meals on Wheels, there was never a waiting list. When the rest of the world was shutting down due to the pandemic, the Estuary Council of Seniors was busier than ever. Many of the people we serve were part of the most  vulnerable population and they were scared. It was kind people like you that made sure that, despite everything else going on in the world, the one thing they didn’t have to worry about was how they were going to eat.

The work isn’t done though! The struggle for many continues every day. More and more people are finding themselves facing food insecurity on a daily basis. Not only does providing seniors with a meal offer vital nutrition, it provides hope. Hope that they can remain independent and in their homes.  Hope that they will be not feel like a burden to their families or end up in a care facility. Your donation can provide the hope and solace that we all need.  


For almost 50 years, The Estuary Council of Seniors has been a second home and a resource for older adults living in the nine town estuary region. In addition to the vital Nutrition Program, the Estuary Council offers free health screenings, a fitness center, medical outpatient transportation, and numerous classes and activities. Our mission is to promote healthy independent aging. Most of what we offer is either free or a reduced rate so that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from these enriching and often essential services. We are able to do that because of the kindness of those in our community who reach out to lift others up.

Every single dollar donated makes a difference. Last year, our budget balanced out at exactly zero. So when we say every dollar matters, we mean it! The impact you make today has a lasting impact on the people in the community.  Your support makes a difference and we hope that we, and those we help, can count on you for a donation this year.  

If you are able to make a donation, please go back to our homepage and click on the Donate Now button to the right of this blog post. If you prefer to donate by check, it can be made out to ECSI and mailed to 220 Main Street, Old Saybrook , CT 06475.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!