New Fiscal Year

It's the start of a new fiscal year at ECSI!

New Fiscal Year

Another Fiscal year has passed! October 1 sees us begin our 45th year of operation. This past year has seen many changes to our organization.  A new Executive Director was hired in April of 2017, new staff members for key positions, new events, activities and atmosphere were additional changes. Attendance is up at our center and people are once again enjoying our evening events. Our financial picture is sound and we will continue to strive to improve our organization each year.

A new year also comes with some bittersweet moments. We have 3 Board Members who have fulfilled their terms and will be leaving us. Betsy Astarita, Cheryl Sittnick, and Donna Henry. Our sincere thanks to each of you for your years of service. It is a commitment that you have all made with enthusiasm and passion for our Mission.

Also, Gerri Lewis, our Board President has decided to step down from her position. The staff and I would like to thank Gerri for her support and dedication to improving communications between Board and staff, and introducing the Estuary to her many contacts in the community.

Thank you Gerri for all you have done, we will miss you, but I know you will still be around. The Estuary really is a community that you will always be apart of it. Once a member, always a member.

We would like to welcome 3 new Board Members to The Estuary Council: Diane Arnold, William Burdick, and Paula Chabot. We know they will be be great additions to the Board and we are happy to have them as a part of our ECSI family.

As we embark on the new fiscal year it will be time to put in motion the wheels necessary for a strategic plan, feasibility study, and capital campaign. 2018-2019 will be a year where we will be tasked with putting forth a plan that encompasses branding (potential name & logo change) & renovation/expansion of ECSI building and grounds. There will be much discussion of what we want to be and who we are. These discussions will involve not only ECSI board members, staff, and patrons, but also valued members of the communities we serve who could have a positive and influential impact on our future.

Throughout this process, the staff and I will continue the daily activities and programming that our communities have come to expect and depend on. We will do our best to stay current and up to date on the latest and greatest in senior services and as always, making ECSI the best place to age.

Stan Mingione, Executive Director