Benefits of Resolving to Exercise

Daily exercise is ageless and the health benefits are numerous.

Benefits of Resolving to Exercise

Benefits of resolving to exercise for those of us not so young...


It's a New Year, it's a new you - let's toast to the future!


Or, at least let's toast to a resolution you can keep...  Let's face it - resolutions are fun, and easy to make, but hard to keep. Most people optimistically set unrealistic goals for themselves, only to give up in January. Resolutions won't magically make you happier, but small changes to your lifestyle habits can. So this year, why not resolve to make a simple change to improve your health and well being that is easy to do and easy to keep?  A win/win right? This year, resolve to be happy and healthy. All you have to do is get up, get moving and eat right. Why?Because eating better and exercising go hand in hand, and are consistently the top resolutions made yearly by people of all ages. (That includes you.) And,not surprisingly, they are also the top resolutions to be broken, because healthy living is a way of life, not a quick fix. So, let's get you motivated to make great strides in 2020 toward a happier, healthier and stronger you!


Older adults should only be as physically active as their abilities and conditions will allow, but, let's face the facts: loss of strength and stamina attributed to aging is caused by a decline in physical activity. Reduced physical activity eventually leads to a loss of socialization and independence. While everyone ages at a different rate, only about 20% of adults meet the physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle strengthening activities.  The good news is that you only need about 30 minutes of movement per day, at a rate that increases your heart rate, to reap the benefits of daily exercise. If time or endurance is an issue, this amount can be broken into three 10 minute sessions throughout the day. Safe exercises for the elderly include walking, swimming, stretching, using resistance bands and chair yoga.


Regular physical activity is the most prescribed way to prevent the progression of disease. In addition, movement can improve the quality of sleep and reduce depression, which improve your mood. Moderate amounts of exercise and consistent small changes to your activity and lifestyle throughout the year can result significant health benefits. Previously sedentary older adults can start with short intervals of movement (5 -10 minutes per day). Always consult with your doctor before starting a new activity. In a short amount of time, regular, daily exercise can help you feel better overall and perform daily tasks more easily, no matter the age, and delay the progression of disease.


Daily exercise is ageless and the best medicine one can prescribe. The health benefits are many, but may include:

•       a boosted immune function

•       reduced blood pressure

•       protection against chronic illness, such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia

•       reduced joint swelling and pain associated with arthritis

•       increased strength and improved balance (to reduce the risk of falling and fracturing bones)

•       maintain or prolong independence


So this year, be easy on yourself, and avoid those broken resolutions! Get up, get moving, eat well and most importantly, stay hydrated! I promise, you will enjoythe new you in the New Year by simply staying active and young at heart.  


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