Annual Appeal

Your support could make the difference in someone's life! Please consider a donation today.

Annual Appeal

Seniors make up the largest percentage of our population yet remain one of the most underserved groups   in terms of available services.

Donations from individuals within our community are the reason that The Estuary is able step in to provide such a wide variety of services to our older population. No matter what the need is or what the possible economic constraints of the individual may be, The Estuary continues to be a resource for everyone.

We understand that you may be feeling a greater demand when it comes to requests for financial support.  So why should you give to The Estuary?  One word...Impact.

Donor Impact

Last Year’s Donations Helped:

· Provide 65,657 Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors living in our nine town region

· Give 436 rides to medical appointments throughout the state

· Install a new Wellness Park so that outdoor programming, dining, and fitness could be offered

· Offer 9,203 hours of programming for adults over age 50 in a safe and dedicated center that helps promote the health and overall wellness of its members


The need was clearly there and our community rose up and met that need with generous financial support. To continue providing the same resources our area seniors depend on, our fundraising goal from individual donations for this fiscal year was $128,000. So far we are over 60% of the way there! We still need $46,000 by September 30 in order to match the need for services in our community. Your donation can make that happen!

The current inflation, rising cost of living, and ongoing supply chain issues are having a direct and negative effect on all of us. This is inevitably leading to greater health disparities for our senior population and we are already seeing this reflected in the growing insecurity many are feeling. Please donate to The Estuary today and help ensure that all seniors and older adults receive the services they need.